What Makes for Winning at Love. Fourteen Sure Fire Ways

Around successfully loving intimate couples, what comes out are certain ways each partner acts out their love. These acts of love provide for true success at love. They –

1. Make a habit of being interested in each other.

2. Expressly and creatively appreciate each other.

3. Share their vulnerability with each other.

4. Want to understand what it’s like to be their partner going through what they’re going through.

5. Provide a safe, stable space in which to live.

6. Give inspiration to each other in their conversations.

7. Understand that they’re together to master the world and not to control the other.

8. Care consistently for each other’s well-being.

9. Devote themselves to each other’s comfort.

10. Appreciate each other’s successes.

11. Look for ways to encourage or console each other.

12. Bring grace and tenderness to one another’s families.

13. Know how to share with the other when they feel hurt.

14. Make surprise and novelty a healthy part of the in-here of the two of you.